CMU 15-112 Summer 2018: Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science
Homework 1 (Due Tue 22-May, at 5pm)

  1. isEquilateralTriangle(side1,side2,side3) [25pts]
    Write the function isEquilateralTriangle(side1,side2,side3) that takes three sides to a triangle. The sides will be positive floats/ints. Return True if the 3 sides make up an equilateral triangle. Returns False otherwise. Hint: almostEquals might be helpful here.

  2. getKthDigit(n, k) [35pts]
    Write the function getKthDigit(n, k) that takes a possibly-negative int n and a non-negative int k, and returns the kth digit of n, starting from 0, counting from the right. So:
       getKthDigit(789, 0) returns 9
       getKthDigit(789, 2) returns 7
       getKthDigit(789, 3) returns 0
       getKthDigit(-789, 0) returns 9
    Note: There will be a large hint for this problem in recitation on Monday.

  3. isPerfectSquare(n) [40pts]
    Write the function isPerfectSquare(n) that takes a possibly-non-int value, and returns True if it is an int that is a perfect square (that is, if there exists an integer m such that m**2 == n), and False otherwise. Do not crash on non-ints nor on negative ints.